If you are still under a shelter in place order, chances are you are looking for some things to do to keep busy since you cannot go to the mall and grocery shopping should be kept to a minimum. One option to keep yourself entertained is to pick up a few landscaping projects around your property. If you are new to landscaping, look for something that may be a smaller and more inexpensive project. If you are a seasoned landscaper, now may be the perfect time to tackle that large project you have been putting off. While the shelter in place orders encourage residents to be more responsible when they are in public spaces, it still allows for individuals to go outside and use their property as they wish.

If you plan on doing landscaping work yourself, you are still allowed to do your own landscaping and wildfire mitigation during any shelter in place orders. Here in Auburn, AL we are told to distance in public spaces but we are encouraged to get outside. Any essential and non-essential work may still be performed in your yard regardless of shelter in place orders as long as you do not require the help of a professional landscaper, gardener, or contractor. Since most hardware stores are open, you should have no problem finding gardening tools as well as seeds and other plants that can be planted on your property. This is especially helpful if you are new to landscaping and just want to spruce up your yard a bit in your free time. If you are looking to take on a more challenging project, now may be the perfect time to learn a new too, which you can also pick up at your local hardware store. You can also take on small tree removal projects as well as any trimming or edging needs your property may have. As the prices of grocery items rise due to mass hysteria from the virus outbreak, you may also find it useful to try gardening and growing your own produce. This can help you fill your spare time as well as take some of the burden off of local grocery stores who are struggling to supply people with their produce needs.

So maybe you have no desire to jump in and get your hands dirty, but you do have the time and energy to take on a new project in your yard. In some instances, you may still be allowed to hire a landscaping contractor, but the specifics of this will vary widely from state to state. Here in Auburn, AL, landscapers are free to work as long as they take appropriate social distancing measures and follow CDC guidelines. Contractors may still be hired to perform any work that is deemed to reduce fuel for outdoor fires in most every state. There is a wide range of what type of work this can be, however, it does include vegetation management such as removal of dead plants, moving seasonal grasses, hazard tree removal, and clearing overhead vegetation.