Flathead Blues was founded on the premise that every American should have access to reliable, American made landscaping tools. The Flathead Blues company was born and raised in the loveliest village on the plains- Auburn, AL and our team is comprised of experiences landscapers and product designers. We design and produce each of our finely crafted landscaping tools in the United States. This deliberate choice allows us to have direct oversight of all of our products and distributors.

At Flathead Blues, our focus has been and always will be- creating reliable landscaping tools that are crafted to the human hand and touch, to help you keep your groundscape fresh and pristine. Many landscapers procrastinate doing chores in the yard and they hate the manual labor generally associated with landscaping. However, each tool crafted by Flathead Blues was specifically designed to make those landscaping chores as safe, quick, and painless as possible. As a customer of Flathead Blues, you will surely find that our vast array of tools and landscaping sets will help you to complete your yard and ground tasks with ease.

Here at Flathead Blues, we design and produce an array of products to fit any landscaping need. Some of our simplest products are our ergonomic rakes and shovels. These are the basic set of tools for any landscaper, but our products have been designed with the comfort of the consumer in mind. On the other hand, we have also designed and implemented a patented software tool to help those in the professional landscaping business analyze and design existing landscapes into dreamscapes. At Flathead Blues, we have the resources to help you get your landscaping job done right the first time.

Flathead Blues also caters to the commercial market sector. We are happy to work with any commercial landscaping group to put together a wholesale tool package, unique to your company. If this is something you are looking for, please reach out to one of our experts via the Contact Us page.