At Flathead Blues we take pride in the quality and hand crafted nature of our products. By keeping our manufacturing operations solely inside the United States, we are able to hold our production and quality teams to standards that we would otherwise not reach. Flathead Blues has designed and manufactured several reliably designed and durable products and we are confident you will agree that the Flathead Blues tools are supreme in comparison to other products in the landscaping industry. We have been manufacturing and designing out of our headquarters in Auburn, AL since 2002 and we strive to make even the most basic yard tasks safer and faster to complete. The Flathead Blues goal is to provide the most dependable and reliable services to each and every one of our customers from dad who cut grass to seasoned landscape professionals. Our team has experience and customer relations skills like no other and this helps ensures that every one of our products can pass each of our quality assurance standards.

Other company’s products fall short in terms of long-term reliability and ease of use, but Flathead Blues not only stands out, we excel in each of these areas. Our interest in creating products that showcase their craftsmanship and reliability has allowed our company to rise above traditional big-box tool suppliers and manufacturers who source their products from other countries. What it comes down to is quality, and we guarantee our products will rise to your expectations and that our products will save you money long-term because they will stand up to years of real-world use on the job.

Our tools can be found anywhere from garage workshops to professional landscaping warehouses. We are confident in our skills and abilities and we have a stacked deck of experience to prove that. Flathead Blues feels assurance in each of our tools, and because of that, we back every tool with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.