Landscaping Tools That Changed the Industry for the Better

The lawn and outdoor equipment industry is thriving. More and more people are spending time on home improvements and they are also spending more time outdoors. Landscaping in Auburn AL is also growing as a hobby thanks to social media and the impact of the small home town d├ęcor. Everyone has noticed changes it the landscaping industry and a lot can be attributed to the advance in landscaping tools which make yard tasks simpler, safer, and more efficient. These advances have come in the big box landscaping retailers for the at-home do-it-yourselfers as well as in the commercial landscaping industry. Shifts in development are often paired with new technological advances and solutions to meet the ever evolving needs of society.

Virtual and interactive landscape design software can produce full color renderings of landscaping strategies for the property owner to compare to existing images. Not only can the landscaper sell more with virtual reality technology, but many customers are specifically asking for these new technologies to be used. This technology is proving to be a useful tool for designers and for property owners to fully realize the ideas to be implemented into their lawn.

Automated marketing has been one of the greatest and most resourceful tools to reach to landscaping industry. Many companies are now able to offer a cutting-edge portfolio of landscape design projects , and they also are integrating some of the latest and greatest marketing technologies to automate much of their sales and marketing process. This allows them to spend more time on their actual landscaping projects. Customers are becoming increasingly more needy about how and when they want information. They do not want to have to wait to meet up for pictures and design ideas. They want graphic descriptions and user-friendly proposals that can be sent electronically, ensuring they receive the information quickly and smoothly. Many commercial landscapers implementing this technology are utilizing an inbound marketing approach which uses their own website to help deliver a variety of custom content to hopeful prospects.

Many hand tools have also evolved to increase safety and productive for the consumer. These tools are becoming more ergonomic to increase the comfort of those using them and to decrease the likelihood of someone injuring themself while using the tool. New loppers have specially designed grips to ensure stability of those using them. This also helps keep your hands more comfortable and injury-free while you are using them. No one likes to work in the yard all day and come inside just to realize they have pesky blisters that will linger for days. New grip technology is working to decrease these happenings.

New nozzles have evolved to become higher quality hose attachments. They are heavier duty and are built to withstand regular garden tasks as well as higher impact landscaping needs. These nozzles are adaptable and can be used in a wider variety of situations and for more landscaping needs than a traditional nozzle.

All in all, the landscaping industry has proven that it is capable of evolving to meet the ever changing demands of consumers.

COVID19- Landscaping at Home:

If you are still under a shelter in place order, chances are you are looking for some things to do to keep busy since you cannot go to the mall and grocery shopping should be kept to a minimum. One option to keep yourself entertained is to pick up a few landscaping projects around your property. If you are new to landscaping, look for something that may be a smaller and more inexpensive project. If you are a seasoned landscaper, now may be the perfect time to tackle that large project you have been putting off. While the shelter in place orders encourage residents to be more responsible when they are in public spaces, it still allows for individuals to go outside and use their property as they wish.

If you plan on doing landscaping work yourself, you are still allowed to do your own landscaping and wildfire mitigation during any shelter in place orders. Here in Auburn, AL we are told to distance in public spaces but we are encouraged to get outside. Any essential and non-essential work may still be performed in your yard regardless of shelter in place orders as long as you do not require the help of a professional landscaper, gardener, or contractor. Since most hardware stores are open, you should have no problem finding gardening tools as well as seeds and other plants that can be planted on your property. This is especially helpful if you are new to landscaping and just want to spruce up your yard a bit in your free time. If you are looking to take on a more challenging project, now may be the perfect time to learn a new too, which you can also pick up at your local hardware store. You can also take on small tree removal projects as well as any trimming or edging needs your property may have. As the prices of grocery items rise due to mass hysteria from the virus outbreak, you may also find it useful to try gardening and growing your own produce. This can help you fill your spare time as well as take some of the burden off of local grocery stores who are struggling to supply people with their produce needs.

So maybe you have no desire to jump in and get your hands dirty, but you do have the time and energy to take on a new project in your yard. In some instances, you may still be allowed to hire a landscaping contractor, but the specifics of this will vary widely from state to state. Here in Auburn, AL, landscapers are free to work as long as they take appropriate social distancing measures and follow CDC guidelines. Contractors may still be hired to perform any work that is deemed to reduce fuel for outdoor fires in most every state. There is a wide range of what type of work this can be, however, it does include vegetation management such as removal of dead plants, moving seasonal grasses, hazard tree removal, and clearing overhead vegetation.

About Auburn, AL’s Landscaping Tool Company

Flathead Blues was founded on the premise that every American should have access to reliable, American made landscaping tools. The Flathead Blues company was born and raised in the loveliest village on the plains- Auburn, AL and our team is comprised of experiences landscapers and product designers. We design and produce each of our finely crafted landscaping tools in the United States. This deliberate choice allows us to have direct oversight of all of our products and distributors.

At Flathead Blues, our focus has been and always will be- creating reliable landscaping tools that are crafted to the human hand and touch, to help you keep your groundscape fresh and pristine. Many landscapers procrastinate doing chores in the yard and they hate the manual labor generally associated with landscaping. However, each tool crafted by Flathead Blues was specifically designed to make those landscaping chores as safe, quick, and painless as possible. As a customer of Flathead Blues, you will surely find that our vast array of tools and landscaping sets will help you to complete your yard and ground tasks with ease.

Here at Flathead Blues, we design and produce an array of products to fit any landscaping need. Some of our simplest products are our ergonomic rakes and shovels. These are the basic set of tools for any landscaper, but our products have been designed with the comfort of the consumer in mind. On the other hand, we have also designed and implemented a patented software tool to help those in the professional landscaping business analyze and design existing landscapes into dreamscapes. At Flathead Blues, we have the resources to help you get your landscaping job done right the first time.

Flathead Blues also caters to the commercial market sector. We are happy to work with any commercial landscaping group to put together a wholesale tool package, unique to your company. If this is something you are looking for, please reach out to one of our experts via the Contact Us page.